Saving Lives and Honorably Paying Tribute to Our “American Brawn”.

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Our primary mission is saving lives. We support and promote the efforts of Stop Soldier Suicide, an organization solely dedicated to the prevention of veterans and military personnel suicide and we offer funding to emergency service departments including police, fire and EMS for the purchase of life-saving equipment not covered by their typical funding sources.

First Responders Application for Funding

At American Brawn, our primary mission is saving lives. Besides our support of Stop Soldier Suicide to assist U.S. veterans and military personnel in need, we wholeheartedly support the dedication and sacrifices of emergency service personnel in Des Moines, Iowa and the surrounding areas. If you are with a police/sheriff department, fire department, EMS entity or emergency room department, we want to help you do your job even better than you already are by possibly helping to fund the purchase of lifesaving tools, supplies and/or equipment. Please fill out this form and return to us for funding consideration.

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FUNDING NEEDED (approximately $1000)

Explain the lifesaving tools, supplies and/or equipment your department would use this funding for and conservatively, how many times you think you could have used it in the last year to provide lifesaving assistance to a patient. If the amount you need is more than our funding capabilities at this time, do you have other means of raising the balance?

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